cees dekker Things To Know Before You Buy

cees dekker Things To Know Before You Buy

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Utilizing solitary-molecule optical and AFM imaging and power-spectroscopy methods, we seek to unravel the mechanistic aspects of the composition and dynamics of chromosomes. Our study interests consist of:

Reconstitution of ultrawide DNA origami pores in liposomes for transmembrane transportation of macromolecules

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I'm able to barely picture how I, as being a geneticist, would be capable of discover fundamental physics, let alone contend at the highest. How did you go about this?

2010, produced a whole new way (‘wedging transfer’) to govern nanostructures; to start with report of DNA translocation through graphene nanopores; and realized hybrid nanopores by directed insertion of α-hemolysin into strong-state nanopores

Cornelis (Cees) Dekker (Haren, seven april 1959) is een Nederlandse natuurkundige en universiteitshoogleraar verbonden aan de Technische Universiteit Delft. Van 2010 tot en fulfilled 2018 was hij tevens directeur van het Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft. Zijn vakgebied is de moleculaire biofysica; hierbij beweegt hij zich op het grensvlak van de natuurkunde en de biologie waarbij hij gebruikmaakt van de zogeheten nanotechnologie, de technieken om aan enkele atomen en moleculen te kunnen meten.

We use nanofabricated microfluidic structures to pattern spatial boundaries for bacteria and biomimetic vesicles with reconstituted protein networks which evaluate the elemental purpose of spatial confinement at the molecular and mobile amount. Our initiatives incorporate the next:

He also uncovered time to write down quite a few publications, send out Nearly forty thousand tweets and guide A prosperous exploration team at Delft University of Know-how. ‘It doesn’t really feel like get the job done’, he says. ‘I’m just terribly curious.’

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Resolving the move sizing in condensin-pushed DNA loop extrusion identifies ATP binding as being the action-making approach

‘The idea that There is certainly this type of matter as a beginning, a huge bang, is now a fascinating signpost to think about that there was a creator. But a lot more normally, and on The premise of pure rationality, I also get there in a Christian interpretation of truth. An atheistic worldview is usually a naturalistic worldview: fundamentally, you will find only atoms and organic forces that we will measure.

‘That considerations the artificial mobile, as Portion of the Dutch BaSyC initiative. Craig Venter appeared leading-down in All those times and recognized about 5 hundred genes that are minimally necessary for your functioning cell. We wish to appear bottom-up: how can we shift from a handful of molecules to an entire Organic method?

Visualization of unstained DNA nanostructures with advanced in-concentrate transmission electron microscopy tactics

Sound-state nanopores have verified cees dekker for being a incredibly adaptable probe for solitary-molecule Examination of DNA. I will describe some of our recent conclusions – precisely DNA knots – as well as our endeavours to extend the abilities of reliable-condition nanopores even more, within the direction of one-protein detection, graphene nanopores, plasmonic nanopores, and DNA origami nanopores.

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